Five Things I’m Doing This Week

1. Searching For Hammam – I thoroughly enjoyed my Turkish bath experience at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas’s Sahra Spa & Hammam last weekend and I’m determined to find a Hammam here in Portland.

2. Getting Back On Track – Vegas was an eye-opener. Going to try to work out four days a week and pay myself $10 for every pound lost. A nice walk and chicken and broccoli for lunch today!

3. Learning French – Hopefully. Trying out Duolingo to see what I can pick up! It’s a little embarrassing speaking into my laptop microphone at the office.

4. Listening to the soundtrack from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Loving the music by Jose Gonzalez.

5. Heading to Denver – A wedding this weekend is taking me to Denver for the first time and I’m eager to see a city whose beauty I’ve heard so much about.


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View From the Top

Who loves having front row seats to the show on Ainsworth?

Gibson does!

Gibson View

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If the Shoe Fits

Last weekend Zach’s sister Nathalie and her husband Bil and daughter Josie came to town to have a look around and do a bit of work. On Saturday we had the most delicious dinner at Autentica on Killingsworth. Black bean flat bread and salsa, queso fundido, tomato salad with avocado and cotija, and pulled pork tostadas. It could possibly have been that we were in the middle of the move and the only other things I’d eaten all week were bagels and pizza, but I think it was actually just amazing food.

On Sunday we took Josie over to our new neighborhood park where she went down every slide available, played on the merry-go-round, swung in both the “baby” and “big girl” swings, and generally ran amok.

And on Monday it was my turn to hang with Josie – just the ladies – while mommy and daddy went to a work meeting. We napped, jumped on the bed, got ourselves dressed, played with Pete and Gibson, went to New Seasons and made dinner. She even requested extra kisses from Sarah before bedtime. Good times had by all, I think!


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The Move

We picked up keys to the house Monday the 17th and haven’t stopped running since! All the projects really stood out when the place was empty and each little bit of work we do brings up three more projects that have to go on the to-do list. I keep saying we’ll get everything done eventually, but Zach’s brother-in-law politely reminded us this week that home-ownership is a never-ending project. Thanks Bil.

So, here’s a quick photo recap of what we’ve done so far…

New Keys

Don’t recognize the vehicle? She’s new… Bessie Buttercup is now our main mode of transportation whenever we need to haul anything.

The first piece of furniture we moved in? Zach’s new desk. A danish teak piece we found at Lounge Lizard… our new favorite place to shop!

Zach's Desk

Project number one: Paint the living room. We liked the latte color that was in here, but in the evenings it felt really dark. So we stuck with the tan family and lightened things up a bit.

Livingroom Paint

Livingroom New

Had to get the painting done quickly so Zach and Seth could install the new built-in cabinets they made for us! Those guys were hard workers.

Built Ins Zach

Built Ins Seth

And of course, having the cabinets in meant the fireplace looked old and dirty… so we painted that too. See SOLD! for the living room before and after comparison…

Livingroom New2

And finally, some new shelves in the kitchen. I love that my Corningware matches the paint colors in there!

Kitchen Shelves

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Yep, that’s right! The house (finally) closed and we’re actually moving! We don’t get keys until Monday, but I already started the packing today… the guestroom is in boxes and all ready to go. Who’s going to be our first visitor?

In the Concordia neighborhood, we’ll still be in northeast… a short bike ride from McMenamin’s Kennedy School and all the shops and restaurants in Alberta. Plus, just one block from Alberta Park – the dogs will be thrilled!







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Overheard in PDX

Possibly my new favorite blog of all time. So true.

Overheard in PDX.


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Getting Ready

As many of you know, Zach and I are taking our first real vacation at the end of this month. And this week I took my first steps toward getting ready (semi-successful Alli diet aside). These arrived on my doorstep today:


And they’re going to look fabulous with this, which also arrived today:


These don’t have a specific outfit partner, yet, but they arrived too and they’re SO cute!


Starting to get excited! Even if I’m sea-sick the whole time, at least I know I’ll look good!

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