Old Post – October 5, 2006 – Crazy Cat Lady

When I had dogs we used to enjoy watching the Animal Planet channel together. We were hooked on Animal Cops, the show about the SPCA in some of the country’s biggest cities. They always have those dramatic stories of animal rescues that dogs and humans alike find fascinating. During the NFL off-season we sometimes watched for entire Sundays stopping only for smoothies and sandwiches from the local health-food deli… for me, of course, not for the dogs.

They also sometimes tell the story of what happens when good animal lovers go bad. The story of the Crazy Cat Lady who has somehow ended up with 35 dogs and 50 cats all living with her in a run-down trailer that is now drowning in three inches of animal feces. I was talking to a friend last night who said he and his dog had seen one of these episodes yesterday.

I can understand how this probably gets started. I can relate to the urge to rescue every dog and cat who needs a loving home. I recognize that impulse in myself… which, due to these Animal Cops episodes, now makes me very nervous for my mental well-being.

What I don’t understand though is how you cross the line from clean and healthy pet owner to Crazy Cat Lady. At what point do you stop cleaning your clothes incessantly with the lint roller? At what point do you see that one of your companions has had an accident on the floor and say to yourself, “eh”?

Even with my pig that I should have won from the county fair, I think we would have had a very clean household… matching rhinestones and all.


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