Etsy Scarfy Thing

So, it turns out that I didn’t win the lottery. I won’t be buying any vacation homes (bad), but I also won’t be going to jail or being murdered by someone who used to be my friend before I told her that I wasn’t paying the way for her lazy ass anymore (good). Ho hum. And so, in an effort to continue supporting myself… I’ve finished my first scarfy thing for my shop on Etsy! Yay!

I found some great eggplant colored yarn with silver flecks in it this weekend and I went to Nancy’s Sewing Basket on Queen Anne and got some FABULOUS-if-I-do-say-so-myself buttons that match perfectly and add a little glamour. Seriously you guys… Nancy’s is amazing. I’ve always wanted to go there, but haven’t had a reason to until yesterday. They have an entire wall of buttons in every color and every material you can imagine.

This first scarf is just two-by-two rib, but I’ve already started another one that has a much fancier stitch pattern. I’m not going to post this in my store yet (I want to have a good bit of stock available before I put anything up), but I’m very excited to have this project started. I’m including a couple of pictures here so you guys can start thinking about what you’re going to buy.

First Etsy Scarfy Thing (1)
First Etsy Scarfy Thing (2)

PS When did I develop a double chin? Boo! Definitely starting Pilates when I get to Portland.


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