The $200 Mistake

So, I think I have a problem that even Ginkgo Biloba can’t fix.

When I locked myself out of my apartment for the first time last summer it was frustrating, but I blamed it on my pretty new key bowl. I had seen the idea in a movie and thought that it would be nice to have a pretty bowl full of pretty rocks in which to toss my keys when I got home at night. But the reality of this idea is that the bowl is sort of out of the way and I forgot to take the keys back out the next time I left the house.

When I forgot my cell phone and/or laptop more than once on the drive between Seattle and Portland or Portland and Seattle I blamed it on being excited or in a hurry.

When I forgot my interview outfit and hairdryer at Christmas I blamed it on Holiday stress.

But today, when I forgot my keys in the pretty bowl for the second time, it occurred to me that perhaps I need to take responsibility… I definitely have a problem

Last time I locked myself out my very nice and very patient landlord came over to let me in. In a panic I made about ten copies of my key and passed them out to Zach and my parents and intended to hide one or two or five outside “just in case”. This time my landlord is out of the country, Zach is in southern Oregon on business, my parents live in Vancouver, and my keys that were intended for outdoor hiding spots are hung decoratively on the funky Asian lamp on top of my tv armoire.

So today I rescheduled my morning meeting, went next door to Uptown and got a latte, and called a locksmith. $200 later I was back in the house and my door was being outfitted with a shiny new doorknob. At Christmas I joked with Zach that I needed Santa to bring me Ginkgo Biloba and he said Santa needed to bring me a new brain… I think maybe he was right.


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