Weekend Update

Good afternoon, I’m Sarah Jones and you’re not. (Does anyone get that shout out?)

This weekend was both eventful and lazy…

On Saturday Zach planned the introduction at my parents house for Gibson and Cash. We all had high hopes after Zach had seen a very nice side of Cash over the last few days, but it was not to be. I don’t know if Cash had gotten used to having Zach all to himself and felt defensive, or if he had already learned so many aggressive behaviors in his young life, but he went for the throat. As attached as I think Zach and I had gotten to the idea of a puppy, we just can’t take a chance like that. Zach found a rescue in Portland that said they would place Cash in a single-pet home and that he would be able to have a very happy family life. I think this experience has been really eye-opening about the problem of dog fighting… it’s not just for Michael Vick anymore. I think once I get settled in Portland I may look into attending some of the bull terrier advocacy rallies in support of the breed.

On Sunday I had breakfast with Gwen and Eric at Mae’s Phinney Ridge Cafe… yum! I’m going to miss that place and their delicious potato omelets with all that garlic. And then I served my last day at PAWS. It was a sad afternoon for me – I’ve been very proud to be a part of the work that PAWS does for animals in our community and I will miss the cats and the humans that I see there every week.

I did some packing this weekend, but to be honest I’m just not that into it. I was quite proud that I went through all of my clothes on Saturday morning and have more than four bags to give away, but now I have the dilemma of where to take everything. The simple answer would be to drop it at the Goodwill truck that parks across the street from my house every Saturday and Sunday, but I’m having massive anxiety about giving away that many clothes. I’d love to have the money and may pack them all down to Portland to sell at Buffalo Exchange once I get settled, but that too is causing anxiety – what if they laugh at me for the junk I’m bringing in? Can I handle it? On the bright side, I’ve got all of my books packed, my cds (which didn’t even get unpacked in the first place so I guess that doesn’t count as progress), my bathroom cabinet, my glass casseroles and a couple of other kitchen things that don’t get used very often, and all of my pictures. What a sad state my apartment looks. After packing the pictures last night I got a bit depressed and watched Pride & Prejudice for the second time in one weekend and worked on my knitting. (PS… I decided this weekend that when I get married I want the piano solo from P&P to be my entrance music… so pretty and romantic!)

So, with all this time for knitting on Sunday evening I finished my second Scarfy Thing for Etsy. I went again to Nancy’s Sewing Basket after my shift at PAWS and got some beautiful wood buttons that I think made all the difference on this scarf! I decided to use the “right side” out and I think it turned out great. I also made the scarf a little bit longer and put the buttons on diagonally so that it hangs down just a bit… so cute with a tank top! I was actually considering keeping this one for myself, but I really need to get an assortment of stuff together so I can made a good showing on Etsy. Very excited about this one!

Etsy Scarf 1

Etsy Scarf 2

That’s all for now. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. (Shout out? Anyone?)



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2 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. kb

    Uh, Saturday Night Live. C’mon people!

  2. Kristen

    Um, totally cute… the scarf, anyway. The dog story is a bit sad, really. Too bad I had to read it in this rag… :k

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