For Aditi (Finally) – A story of natural flushes, drinks, and thigh-hugging pants.

Today I’m wearing my corduroy pants for the third time and it has inspired me to finally finish this entry that I promised to Aditi nine days ago, started a week ago, and then got too stressed to finish.

Last Monday after work I went to UVillage with the express purpose of getting some errands done that I had been putting off and to meet Aditi for coffee. I won’t bore you with all the grizzly details, but I do want to mention my trip to Sephora, my coffee date, and my new corduroy pants.

One of my first stops at UVillage was Sephora – I was hoping that a kind make-up expert there would be able to make some recommendations for me in a few areas. 1) I needed some new mascara and wanted to try something other than Maybelline, 2) I wanted something low-maintenance like Chapstick that also had a hint of color, and 3) I wanted some new long-wearing cheek color. I ended up with Diorshow mascara in Chestnut (which I now know is waterproof and as much as I love the look of my glamorously full lashes I’m hating the amount of scrubbing that takes place in the shower every morning), Smashbox lip treatment in Beam, and something that at the time I was very excited about and also very nervous about – Benefit Benetint. Benetint comes in a bottle that looks like nail polish; you apply this very runny liquid with a little brush and “blend” with your fingers. I was sold on it because it kind of stains your cheeks so that no matter how much of a face-toucher you are (and I’m a big face-toucher) it’s supposed to stay on all day. Now that I’ve been wearing it for a week I can attest to the fact that I still look like I have a healthy natural flush at the end of the day. And, I can also attest to the fact that whatever fingers you used to blend the tint in the morning will also still be pink at the end of the day.

After my exhilarating trip to Sephora (and several other expensive stops) I met Aditi at Starbucks for a cup of coffee and a chat. When she arrived she immediately felt compelled to explain her limp – she had been out days earlier with the boy she’s been seeing and had tripped over a bike rack downtown Seattle. Fortunately the boy was able to see through the clumsiness (and her new gangsta’ walk) and they had decided that night to continue seeing each other for the foreseeable future (yay!). I do love the way Aditi tells a story and it was nice to see how excited she got while talking about her new amore. While we were together I gave her a belated birthday present – a wish necklace. You make a wish when you put it on and then when the sting wears out and the charm falls off your wish comes true. Hopefully she’ll let us know how it turns out.

While sipping our hot beverages (okay… Aditi drank hers like a normal person and I nursed mine so slowly that if I could still stand to drink lattes after they have gone cold I would probably still have it with me today) we walked over to JCrew to see what we could find on sale (Aditi can always sniff out a bargain) and I was talked into purchasing some brown corduroy pants marked down to only $30. I don’t think I’ve owned corduroy pants since high school mainly because I feel very self-conscious about the noise they make when I walk. And guess what… they still do make that noise. Squeeky and thigh-hugging or not, I really like these new pants… they are a great semi-casual jeans alternative. Thanks for the advice Deeds!

Now that I’m back to blogging after the move I will try to keep up with this a little better… more current entries to come!


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One response to “For Aditi (Finally) – A story of natural flushes, drinks, and thigh-hugging pants.

  1. aditi

    first all, major props to you for the shout out. Love it. To all your interested readers, which is growing by the minutes (once I forward this blog to everyone I know) here’s an update from me.

    1) Glad that you love your benetint. It was a journey getting there.
    2) My leg has healed, sadly, so has my gangsta limp.
    3) My wish necklace is firmly on my neck. Wish still intact.

    – Deeds

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