Heart Wide Open

So, this weekend Zach and I got a sort of last minute invite to join some friends for a night in Hood River and a day of skiing. We all know I am NOT a skier, but I got to tag along on this trip anyway. Zach and I left Saturday afternoon and made the short drive to this little city that I haven’t been in since I was probably somewhere around six. Zach loves it here… the outdoor shops, the restaurants, the quaint small-town feel. I found a few things to love too… the old hotel originally built in the 1800’s, a couple of boutiques, the knitting shop, Zach’s joy in being here. Matt and Brooke joined us for dinner at Full Sail Brewery and then we drank and talked and inexplicably got lost in a town that can’t be more than five blocks long.

This morning Zach and Matt and Brooke got up at the crack of dawn to drive to Mt. Hood to go skiing. I had originally planned to go with them to spend my day in the lodge – I was picturing a log building with hefty leather furniture and a giant brick fireplace where I could sit with my book and cup of hot cocoa and feel very ski bunny. Zach informed me that to see a ski lodge like that I would probably need to travel to Vail or Aspen so instead I stayed in town. Now I’m sitting in a coffee shop down the street from the hotel working and watching locals and feeling very grown up and independent.

I just heard a song on the radio here that inspired me to stop working and start writing. It’s called Say What You Need to Sayby John Mayer. Kelly made me a cd before I left Seattle with songs that she said apply to me… this was one of them. I’m getting better at saying what I need to say, but the quote that speaks to me the most in this song is this:

Even as your hands are shaking,
Even as your faith is broken,
Even as your eyes are closing,
Go in with your heart wide open.

I love that… the idea of living with your heart wide open. Knowing that it’s really scary, knowing that hurt and loss are inevitable, knowing that you will encounter some things in the world that are ugly but choosing to live anyway. Choosing to see past those things and fully appreciating the rest of what life and the world have to offer. Choosing to take risks and to get to know people and to let them know you too. I hope that someday when people talk about me this is something they say… that I lived life with a heart wide open.

I have really enjoyed our little trip to Hood River. I hope this is something Zach and I do a lot more of – I’m excited about having some adventures and trying new things and seeing new places. Really excited.


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