Knitting is Knotty

Yay! I start my new knitting class tonight. Knowing how much I was going to want to get involved in a knitting group in Portland I signed up for this one before I even moved – I haven’t been to the shop yet and am hoping that I fit right in there. I dug up an old half-finished project this morning to take with me. I really need to finish Kate and Tim’s embarrassingly late wedding blanket, but I’m waiting for my yarn order to arrive so I can start a new block. In the meantime, I’m going to be working on this (it’s the hooded tank in back):

Rebecca Pattern

I also started a new scarfy project last night for Zach’s friend Scott. He picked the orange alpaca yarn that I bought last week and it’s turning out great already. I’m hoping one skein is enough, but he asked for it to be pretty wide, so I may be heading back to the store.

Scott’s Scarfy

And, in honor of my good friends at HL2, I’m wearing my knitting tshirt for my first day! It had a rough go in the laundry last week, but I think it still looks pretty cool.

Knitting is Knotty T

ps Look how pretty and pink my cheeks look thanks to my new favorite Benetint!


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