Play With Your Food

Or, let someone else make jokes about it for you!

Zach’s brother Justin sent me this link today to a website where they’ve made snyde comments about a bunch of Weight Watchers recipe cards from the 70’s (click on the card images on the right to see a larger version and to read the comments). Some people may find this derogatory humor toward Weight Watchers mackereligious, but I think it’s pretty funny.

A few of my favorites:

Fish “Tacos” where they actually reference Marcy from the Marcy’s “Enchiladas” card. I love how they’ve put the name of the dish in quotes in case you didn’t already know that real tacos aren’t made on toast.
Caucasian Shashlik… how can beef be caucasian? Is that racist?
The fact that there are three – not one, not two, but THREE – recipes for mackerel. And one of them is called simply Mackerelly.
Frankfurter Spectacular. I think the name says it all.


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