Elephants Delicatessen

I finally got a lunch invite today (I think I may be making a friend in Jen from work) and we went to Elephants Delicatessen. I’ve included a link, but the website really does not do this place justice – maybe I’ll sneak my camera in next time. It’s like a cross between Whole Foods’ deli, that candy store where Charlie bought his winning Wanka Bar, and one of those old fashioned soda fountain places. They have baked goods – scones, cookies, cupcakes – sandwiches hot and cold, soups, salads, candies, a whole wall of beverages, greeting cards and giftable books. It was amazing. Today I’m having vegetable chili and a croque monsieur, both of which are delicious so far. And, I bought a peanut butter cookie for later. If I had seen the handmade caramels before I paid I would probably have brought some of those back with me as well! Who knows what else I’ll end up with next time!

Also, on the walk to Elephants Jen said that she and Alexia may be interested in starting a knitting group that meets during lunch a couple of days a week. I will be so excited if they really do it with me!


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  1. Hallie

    I’m glad that you’re possibly making a friend named Jen. When I move to new cities, I like to make friends with the same name as old friends–it’s easier on the parents when I’m explaining my antics. I apply the same rule to hiring. Rather than hire someone into your position with a new name, I’d like to just hire another Sarah (hope no one at work reads this). I worked at Target for awhile and we had four people named Chris. Saved TONS of money on name badges!

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