Are the Foods You Eat Making You Sick?

That was the name of the brochure I was given at my doctor visit this weekend. The visit itself was kind of fun… Dr. Nao is a chiropractor and a naturopath so she talked to me about my test results, adjusted my joints and muscles without cracking anything, vibrated my brain with a tuning fork, and gave me some new vitamins to work into my daily routine. The not so fun part was hearing about all of the things I shouldn’t be eating and why.

Basically, my body is intolerant of a lot of foods and when I ingest those foods my body creates antibodies to fight them off. The antibodies are clogging my intestines making them smaller and smaller and making it impossible for me to absorb any of the good nutrients that I eat. The result is that I’m malnourished (feel tired, have trouble concentrating, am forgetful – see earlier entry about the $200 mistake) and my intestines are so irritated that the inside of my abdomen swells to uncomfortable levels after meals (i.e., food babies).

The foods that are doing this to me are eggs, dairy, soy, and some grains.

  • No eggs whites at all – not by themselves or baked into anything. No omelets, no quiche, no cupcakes, no noodles.
  • No milk, no cow’s cheese, no cream, no yogurt.
  • No soy milk, no tofu, no edamame.
  • Basically no wheat – no baked goods, cereal, pizza crust… no Elephants Delicatessen peanut butter cookies.

So on Sunday after Kristen’s very hip Valentine-making party she and I went to Whole Foods to see what that left me with. I figured it was basically going to be meat and vegetables, but there are actually a surprising number of foods available to me.

Butter is okay because it’s made from the fat not the protein from the milk – I have pretty much been eating butter as my main condiment for the last three days… I put it on everything now. Sheep’s cheese is okay (goat too, but that’s gross). I found some crackers (first introduced to me by Chase) made of nuts and rice so instead of bread and brie before meals, I now have crackers and cheese. Rice or almond milk is okay and I found some cereal made of rice and corn so that has replaced my morning egg and oatmeal. Sprouted grain products (Ezekiel makes a ton) or spelt bread work for me and I found a delicious cinnamon raisin loaf. Most gluten-free products, though you need to watch out because they sometimes sneak soy and dairy in there – I bought pasta and a box of macaroni and cheese. I also bought apples and peanut butter and potatoes and vegetables.

I know that I can make this work. After Dr. Nao’s diagram of my intestine I have to make this work. I have, however, already discovered some things that are NOT going to work for me:

  • The unsweetened vanilla-flavored almond milk is disgusting. Vanilla is not a flavor anyone wants in their macaroni and cheese, and unsweetened apparently translates to bitter. I did, though, have a rice milk latte yesterday and it was pretty good so I’m going to try the rice milk next time.
  • The macaroni and cheese was also really gross. I’m sure the vanilla-flavored milk didn’t help, but I mainly blame the fact that the package says “penne and chreese”. I don’t know what chreese is exactly, but it doesn’t taste anything like cheese and I want nothing to do with it.

I’ll keep you updated on my other nutritional learnings in future.


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  1. kb

    Wow – you poor thing! It sounds like you have a good attitude about the whole thing. Good luck!

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