Oh, Happy Day!

Portland was BEAUTIFUL today! It was warm enough to spend some time outside in my t-shirt and Gibson took a little nap in the grass.

Zach is out of town for the weekend again so I decided to do some projects around the house to surprise him. First, the boring one – I rearranged the bathroom storage. I think it looks nice and much cleaner and more organized. When Sarah moves out we’ll be able to spread out into the guest bathroom and that will help even more. It will be nice to put some display items on the open shelves instead of having to look at all of our necessary day-to-day things.

The more exciting projects were outside. Zach has been saying for a while that he really wants a bird feeder for the backyard so this weekend I bought him one that should attract finches. I put it right outside the backdoor so he’ll be able to watch the birds while he works. I also planted a couple of hyacinths so he’ll get the sweet scent of spring.


Back Patio Birdfeeder


And out front I wanted to green the place up (and girlify it a little bit) so I did a big planter near the entryway. I put in some big grasses to match the existing plantings and to make sure the pot would be “green” all winter. I mixed the grasses with some flowering perrenials to add some color to the front yard. I’m excited about the way it turned out and am looking forward to watching it bloom and grow this spring. I hope Zach is happy too!

Front Yard Flower Pot

Front Yard Flower Pot


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