I’ve now made two purchases on Etsy and I have to admit that I think I’m becoming obsessed. I love that everything is handmade and original and that there are so many creative people in this world. It makes me feel a little inadequate, but owning some of their art makes up for that a little bit… at least I have good taste.

My first purchase was from a guy who has a little shop called Timber. He does some great sketches and then screen prints them onto American Apparel t-shirts. I bought one for me:

Timber Hoodie from Etsy

And one for Zach (I can’t explain why, but I love that lumberjack guy):

Timber TShirt from Etsy

And then this week I bought myself a handbag. It’s handmade out of really soft leather by a woman in Arizona with a shop called Feral Empire. It’s not quite as big as I was hoping it would be, but I love it and it’s going to be so cute to carry around with me this spring and summer!

Handmade Clutch from Etsy

One of the tags that I watch here on WordPress is “Etsy” and people share all the time their latest creations and favorite finds. One that I found today that I think is great are these rings by J. Davis. Studio. I think I’d either get them caught on things or I’d scratch up my own face by accident, but the little neighborhood scenes are just so cute!

Nieghborhood Ring from Etsy 1

Neighborhood Ring from Etsy 2


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