My Love Affair with Cereal

So, I’ve gotten into a new morning food routine – spelt cinnamon and raisin toast eaten in the car on the way to work, and then cereal around 10:00 or 10:30. There are three things I love about this new plan, not necessarily in this order: 1) the cinnamon and raisin bread is amazingly delicious, 2) when lunch rolls around I’m ready for a little something, but I’m not famished and don’t over-eat, and 3) I can’t eat any of the “good for you” whole grain cereals like Cheerios or Wheaties so I’ve been picking out all the kid-oriented sugary cereals I can get my hands on. This week… Frosted Flakes. Last week… Trix. Yum!

As a kid we only got sugary cereals once a month at the most – whenever my mom did the family’s big shopping trip. Now, there’s no one standing over my shoulder at the grocery store (or at the Rite Aid near my office) telling me to pick something healthy. And, the beauty of this is that even if they were standing there I would have the perfect come back… with these new food restrictions, it’s far better for me to have some fruity sugary thing with games on the box than to have the wheat.

And, as a side note for anyone following my food trials, the original sweetened rice milk is excellent.

[Edit: Might be over the Frosted Flakes already. Had a craving for something savory this afternoon and, being out of wheat-free crackers, reached for the box of Flakes. Did not stop when my belly told me to and am not feeling so hot now. Back to Trix next week, I guess!]


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