Busy, Busy, Busy!

Sarah moved out this weekend and Zach and I wasted no time getting things out of the garage (the part he’s excited about) and into the guest bedroom and bathroom (the part I’m excited about). We worked all of Saturday afternoon moving furniture into the guest bedroom and getting things organized in the closets and the new bathroom storage space. Then on Sunday we did a big shopping trip and painted the master bedroom. I’m so excited about all of it, but am going to use pictures to describe everything to you rather than rambling on… too much.

Starting at the front door and working our way through the house:

One of the things we both really love about this house is the ceiling. When it was remodeled they took the old ceiling out and put tongue and groove along the roof line so we have vaulted hardwood ceilings with exposed beams.

Front door and ceiling

To accentuate the little reading nook we had created up by the front door we bought a new rug yesterday. It has the greens, blues and oranges of the chair, plus some reds and browns to coordinate with the living room theme. The painting leaning against the wall is by one of Zach’s friends Mike – we’re planning to have it framed and it will be hung there.

New reading nook rug

Zach and I started collecting antique fans ages ago and have them all displayed in the dining area with our old black and whites of Nordstrom. We also bought the bamboo palm yesterday to give some height to the other side of that wall and to bring some green into the area. I think Zach is going to get a different pot for it – probably something more simple and probably white.

Fans and bamboo palm

Another one of our favorite features is the wood stove. You would not believe how quickly that thing heats up the house! To make that space feel a little more used, we hung the vintage ceiling tiles behind the stovepipe. So excited at how it turned out!

Fireplace and ceiling tiles

The guest bedroom is now full of many of my old furniture pieces. We’re working out the bedding and some new wall art so that the room blends with the rest of the house. Right now we’re using our old duvet cover, but today we ordered some new orange bedding that I think is going to be awesome in there! We’re all set for Daveen to come visit in a couple of weeks… who’s next?!

Guest desk and bookshelf

Guest bed and desk

This room also has a reading corner, an armoir partially filled with my yarn collection, and a little shrine to Troy. The cactus is the one we bought at the flea market in Huntington Beach the day Troy died – I re-potted it yesterday and it looks great! I also love this way to display my knitting needles.

Troy cactus and knitting needles

I didn’t get a good picture of the shower tiles in the guest bath, but they’re an awesome mix of blues and greens and white and it looks so fresh and clean and kind of “beachey” in there. I love having enough room to do little display things.

Bathroom counter and small shelves

Guest bath storage shelves

And, finally, our new room! I LOVE the color that we chose… the whole room feels so warm and cozy. I didn’t want to turn the light off last night even though I was exhausted!

Master bed

Master bookshelves and Vargas

I did a little grouping of some pretty tropical plants in a new white pot for our bookshelf. I love how fresh it looks.

New plants


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