Weekend Highlights

The weather in Portland (and from what I hear in Seattle as well) has been crazy since Friday. We’ve had rotating bouts of snow, hail, heavy rain, and sunshine. Between the hail storms this weekend Zach and I found a great wine bar in Beaumont, went to Ikea to make some returns, bought some more plants and worked in the yard, had a delicious dinner at Portland City Grill, and did some other stuff not worth mentioning here.

The hightlights:

Wine Bar in Beaumont – Friday night we decided to have a little date night away from the kids (read: dogs) so we went for Italian at Amalfi’s and then decided to try out one of the wine bars in Beaumont. Vicinato was delicious and had such a great atmosphere. The walls are covered with paintings by a local artist (who happened to be there Friday night) and they had a live music duo playing the saxaphone and guitar. I had some delicious champagne and Zach tried a recommended Zin. Yum!

Ikea – We have made about a million trips to Ikea in the last month and Saturday’s excursion was solely to make some returns. We really wanted to get some window treatments up in the guest room before Daveen’s visit this weekend and bought some green linen curtains that we thought were going to work, but the color just wasn’t quite right. Sorry Daveen… bring your sleeping mask!

Planting – Ever since planting our first pot of flowers out front I’ve been wanting to add another and we did that on Sunday. We went to a different nursery than the first time so our pot is a little different and the plants are different, but I like the variety.

Second Planter


Pete hung out with me while I worked. Gibson did too, but he wouldn’t let me take his picture.

Pete Planting

Dinner – Finally, last night we had dinner with some of Zach’s colleagues at the Portland City Grill. I broke some of the food rules and had a delicious steak with crab and bearnaise sauce. In honor of the occasion I bought myself a new sweater last week and I think I’ve discovered a new favorite clothing line – Edun. It’s by Bono’s wife and uses sustainable fabrics and business practices… now if only I could afford to do my part for the global community by buying one of everything.


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  1. Hallie

    OK. I guess I should read your blog in chronological order. Now I look like an ass for asking about the weather when you just talked about it. Pete is SOOO cute! I would have named him Ernest, though.

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