Cinco de Mayo

Since people seemed to enjoy so much my throw-back story from yesterday (I’ve had a whole 10 site visits since posting it) I’m going to give you another one.

I got a call from a vendor this afternoon who said that several of her other agency clients that she’s spoken with today were already drinking margaritas and leaving early in honor of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo. My office isn’t doing anything of the sort, but it did remind me of a funny tale.

A couple of years ago Zach and I went to lunch at a small authentic Mexican restaurant in Seattle. I don’t remember why I had the day off, but we were there around 2:00 or 3:00 on a weekday afternoon. While we were enjoying our delicious meal a professional-looking woman walked in and sat at a nearby table. To give you an example of the kind of woman she was (i.e., High-Maintenance) she never removed her sunglasses and, before ordering, asked the waiter (who spoke broken english at best) how many calories were in the lemonade.

But, my story really begins here:

HM – Will you please bring some chips and salsa to start?
– I will be happy to bring you some chips. The salsa bar is self-serve and over there (points to a long counter with several salsa selections about 10 feet from the woman’s table).
– Great. Please bring some chips and salsa then.
Waiter – Sure, chips are on their way and you may choose your own salsa at the salsa bar.
HM – Okay. Please bring me some chips and Cinco de Mayo.
Waiter – Excuse me?
HM – I’d like some Cinco de Mayo… you know, that fresh kind of salsa that is really chunky.
Waiter – You mean pico de gallo?
HM – Yes, please bring me some of that.

– The End –


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  1. Hallie

    You crack me up! Thought I’d stop by the blog and see what you’ve been up to.

    How is P-town? Getting any sun or warmth down there? It is ridiculously cold in Seattle. 😦

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