I Don’t Even Know Where to Start…

Got this email from a co-worker this morning and it’s got me all worked up…

My blog is on Technorati?!

Our house looks like a catalog in a good way?!

Dave makes his own bacon?!

From: Dave Selden
To: Sarah Jones
Subject: Cruising Technorati
… And I found your personal blog. Your house looks like a catalog, in a good way. Also, I wanted to point out that your love of bacon will be increased 10-fold if you try making it  yourself. My instructions: http://www.bsbrewing.com/blog/?p=261

I’ve already sent the email to Zach in the hope that he will acquire a smoker this afternoon and get started on our new homemade bacon supply, but I think it’s more likely that I will try to commission Dave to make us some at a reasonable mark-up.


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