There is a piece of popcorn in the women’s bathroom at my office. I noticed it yesterday and thought it was odd, but when it was still in there today, as if it had taken up permanent residence, I really got to thinking. How did this one piece of popcorn arrive on the floor in the middle of the front stall of the women’s bathroom? I currently have two theories:

1) Someone was so embarrassed of their snacking habits that they sneaked into the bathroom to consume large amounts of bite-sized, cheese powder-coated carbohydrates and accidentally dropped one that, in their food frenzy, they did not pick up.

2) Someone was casually eating popcorn at their desk, dropped a piece that got lodged somewhere deep inside the many layers of their clothing, and when they undressed to go to the bathroom it quietly fell out onto the floor. And that person is now wandering about the office asking questions like, “how did that weird piece of popcorn come to live in the women’s bathroom?”

One employee in particular has been implicated in the delivery of the popcorn to the bathroom, but she denies any involvement. We’re now discussing who will be retrieving the mystery popcorn and tasting to see whether it is in fact cheese flavor as that would clear her since she is a vegan.



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6 responses to “Popcorngate

  1. christina

    I don’t know what is scarier – the piece of popcorn being dropped in the bathroom or that very piece of popcorn that hasn’t been cleaned up from the bathroom.

  2. Jen

    I picked up the piece of popcorn and threw it away yesterday. When I deposited in the garbage, there was not a cheesy residue left on my fingers after it was gone, as the popcorn in the tub in the break room does, in fact, leave. I think Marci’s off the hook.

  3. It sounds like a job for the FBI. LOL

  4. alexiarudolph

    The lack of cheesy residue would indicate that it is NOT the tubbed popcorn, and therefore microwave popcorn. Microwave popcorn = Marci’s fave.

  5. Jen

    I totally just realized that, as I told Marci that she’s off the hook… that she is NOT in fact off the hook. Good eye, Alexia.

  6. I do a lot of disgusting things in life, but snacking on the can is not one of them. Stop ganging up on the vegan… I point my finger at the pregnant one:-)

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