Party, Party!

So last week came the long-awaited bridal shower/bachelorette part for Melissa. The wedding is in Hawaii and Zach and I cannot attend so there was no doubt I was making the trip up to Seattle to celebrate with the bride-to-be.

The plan – as it was laid out to me in advance – was this:

  • Group dinner with the mothers, et al including bridal shower gifts.
  • Bachelorette party girls move to a local bar where there will be cake.
  • Party bus for bachelorette gifts, drinks and some entertainment.

Daveen and I went to the bar early to decorate with balloons and party favors, then we joined the group at Wild Ginger for dinner. The food there is always amazing and was supplemented on this occasion with kir royales for me, wine or cocktails for others, and a champagne toast. Melissa and Mark’s moms were both there and they are so much fun! There was some disagreement about paying the bill, but all in all a great time. I think this is why I haven’t been invited to be in anyone’s wedding yet – I would not have been able to handle arguing over the bill. The total is $xxx, there are xx people here… do the math and that’s what you owe. No questions, no squabbling, no exceptions.

The pit stop at the bar to wait for the party bus was brief, but fun. Melissa had to do a couple of scavenger hunt type things (kiss a man with a mustache, fine a condom, etc.) and then we hopped on the bus. Daveen and Melissa’s sister Alisha had rented an official party bus, where I guess you sit in the round, but it had broken down the night before so Alisha made due with a substitute – basically an airport shuttle. My attitude going in, I admit, was not great – all seats faced forward and were very close together. But, it turned out alright. Here’s what I remember from the bus – Daveen spilled her entire drink “in her crotch”, Alisha has every song ever recorded on her iPod and happily took requests all night, there was a mostly-naked man, there was dancing, there was drink throwing, Melissa fell down.

At one point the bus pulled into the Downtown Honda parking lot and was boarded by a police man. He had a cute face, but a really weird ear piercing that was either partially ripped out or severely infected, and was balding. Now, I don’t have much experience with strippers, but I’m pretty sure the point of the show is the stripping otherwise they would call them nakeds. This officer did not understand that and within about 30 seconds of joining the party he was down to black socks and shoes and a white (scary) thong. As disturbing as the whole thing was for me, I think the worst part was when he stuff $1 bills in other people’s clothing and then pulled them out… with his tongue. Not with his teeth, people… with his tongue. Do you know how many hands that money has touched? Gross.

Anyway… here are some pictures of the evening for your viewing pleasure. I think they’re all PG-13.


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