The Oregon Coast

I love the Oregon Coast. Even as a kid, living in Washington, my family used to vacation at the Oregon Coast. I always thought it was because cars could drive on the beach in Washington, but not it Oregon, but I’ve noticed recently that there are quite a few areas that allow cars in Oregon… maybe that’s new… I don’t know.

Anyway, Zach and I have already been to the Oregon coast twice this spring/summer and have had so much fun. The first time we rented a little shack in Pacific City – we stayed there originally a year ago for my cousin’s wedding. And this last time we stayed in a little town just north of Pacific City with my parents and Zach’s parents from New Jersey.

I just wanted to share some pictures with all of you so you can see what you’re missing out on if you haven’t been!

On both of our trips to the coast we visited a beach at Neskowin where an underwater forest has been uncovered. This “ghost forest” looks kind of like old man-made pilings, but they’re actually tree stumps of a forest more than 2,000 years old. The theory is that 2,000 years ago a massive earthquake dropped the entire forest about 25 feet and then the trees were lopped off and the stumps covered in sand and mud by a tsunami. All that sand and mud preserved the stumps rather than natural erosion breaking them up and scattering them.

And, on the way back from the coast this last trip Zach and his parents and I stopped at a winery called Anne Amie… it was beautiful and Zach’s parents kept saying how much is looked Europe.


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