Today We Salute You, Summer!

There are lots of things I love about Summer. One of them is the Real Men of Genius radio campaign by Bud Light. There’s really nothing about this campaign that makes me want to drink loads of light beer, but at least it makes me laugh in the car on my way to work in the mornings, which is something I think everyone can appreciate.

There are two new ads that I’ve heard so far this Summer: Mr. Rolling Cooler Cooler Roller and Mr. Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy. The thing that I think is best about these ads is the guy in the background who sings little insults…

From Mr. Rolling Cooler Cooler Roller:
Announcer – Only you understand the best way to carry nine ounces of macaroni salad is in a 43 pound cooler.
Background – It’s got wheels.
A – Part cooler, part luggage it holds enough for an afternoon picnic, a tailgate party, or a 12-day trip to Istanbul.
B – I’m gonna have to check that.
A – Perfect for the man who has everything. Everything except a friend to help carry a cooler.
B – Unpopular.

If you’re over 21, take a listen on the Bud Light webiste – another favorite that I just found is Mr. Overly Competitive Touch Football Game Player. “When it comes to two-hand touch you leave it all out on the field – your blood, your sweat, your dignity.”

“Dignity is over-rated.”


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  1. Gwen

    Hey Sarah. The Bud Light ads- all of them!- are so funny to me too. I tried to go on their site to watch some but was having technical difficulties. I seriously hear those commercials in my head and bust up all the time. 🙂 xoxo

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