For a while now I have been collecting the names of business that I find cheesy or inappropriate or just plain funny and I’ve been waiting to have a long enough list to make a clever blog post out of it. Today, I added to my list the following:

Calyenty – a heat pump supplier.

Unfortunately, when I started telling people at work about this great new find, they started sending me this:

Best Week Ever’s 50 Greatest Pun Stores.

Apparently, someone already thought of this clever blog post. And not only did they find 50 fabulous examples, but they actually went around and took pictures of all of them. Way better than I could ever have done.

So here, enjoy their list and know that mine could have been great too. I mean, mine already includes Hickory Dickory Dock – a deck builder, and The Split End – a hair salon in Seattle. And also know that I do have a picture of Award Wieners at home… it’s at Disneyland and that’s where my list began.


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One response to “Rats!

  1. aditi

    The Chop Shop on Beacon Hill is a personal favorite. (Hair place)

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