Beer Fest

A couple of weeks ago I had a great surprise… Hallie sent me an email and asked if we could join her and Nick at the Portland International Beer Festival. Of course we could!

Zach and I had breakfast at the delicious Tin Shed and then met Hallie and Nick in the northwest park blocks for some celebrating. It was cloudy and cool that morning so we each bundled up a bit and spent most of the day wandering through the booths and crowds and dogs reading all about the beers and tasting many of them. I stuck mostly to the ciders hoping that it meant less wheat and less bloating!

By the end of the day it was hot and sunny and we were the kind of exhausted that you get from drinking in the afternoon. So we went back to our place, barbecued steaks and chicken and corn on the cob and potatoes and asparagus (Zach’s cooking is delicious on his new birthday barbecue) and then played pop trivia Trivial Pursuit on DVD. By the end of the game Nick and Zach were both asleep and Hallie and I finished up by skipping the board and just watching the DVD questions and taking guesses.

Good times had by all, I think. Looking forward to our next visitors… who’s signing up?!

Too serious:

Too goofy:

Just Right!



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4 responses to “Beer Fest

  1. Some questions will always be answered with an emphatic “yes!” Such As: Would you like to use my super bowl ticket? We’re going to give you a big raise…is that acceptable? Would you like to join us at the (insert city here) Beer Fest?
    Cute pics.

  2. Hallie

    YES!!! I made it into the blog! 🙂

    We had mucho fun…and by the way, the recommended coffee shop was a hit. I had TWO pig newtons and thought I was about to explode. So good!

  3. Patrick

    i was down there a few weeks back for the other (better) beer festival: oregon brewer’s fest. i thought to get in touch, but didn’t considering i was with the pro wheat, pro drunken stupidity crowd. unfortunately i can’t seem to shake them. 🙂

  4. Patrick – would have loved to have seen you while you were in P-Town. Most of my beer fest experience was hunting for ciders and petting other people’s dogs, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have been good company!

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