Accidental Stripper

I can’t believe I have TWO naked stories in one day, but I do… and I thought it was too big a coincidence not to share.

The first exhibition happened this morning – I got up, went to the laundry room (which is through our garage) to put my jeans in the dryer, and then showered and dried my hair in just my undies while I waited for my pants. When I was basically ready minus the clothes, I went back out to the garage to get my jeans. Apparently, sometime during my readying process Zach had gone out to put his sample bags in the car and opened the garage door… and left it open. I didn’t notice this until I was all the way across the garage and realized I could see directly into many of my neighbors’ homes. I closed myself in the laundry room – stunned – put on my warm jeans (the kind of warm where the metal insides of the buttons burn your skin a little) and then had to sneak back across the garage… topless.

And then today at lunch Jen and I happily participated in a little ritual we started some time ago called Tropical Tuesdays. Unfortunately, our Tuesday lunches are often filled with other activities and so many weeks we skip tanning altogether or, as was the case today, we go another day of the week. We take the streetcar into the Pearl District and walk to our little salon where we have a joint account (so romantic). Today we both chose ten minutes and I took the bed at the end of the hall by the windows. After closing and locking the door I stripped down and shut myself in for some deliciously warm sun time. When the bed went off after my time was up I lifted the lid and took my time standing up… to find that sometime during my tan my door had swung open. It wasn’t ajar, people… it was WIDE open… for everyone headed to beds one through three and for all passersby on Marshall Street to see.



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