Portland Beavers

Hehe… she said Beavers.

I don’t know who’s idea it was to make the state animal of Oregon the beaver, but they’ve also made it the mascot of the local semi-pro baseball team (they’re the farm team for the San Diego Padres… yes, I had to look that up).

Anyway, on Saturday Zach and I went with my parents to a Beavers game. The park is pretty and has a great view of the historic Oregonian building and the Max line heading from NW to downtown. The best part is they still use the old-fashioned manual scoreboard so you could see the people up there changing the numbers every time something happened.

We bought a family pack of tickets so that meant everyone got a hot dog, a bag of chips, a soda and an ice cream treat with their entry to the park. Since I can’t actually eat any of those things, Zach instead got me an awesome foam hand. No, not a foam finger… a foam hand… or, rather, a foam claw. It was a decision I think he later regretted.

EDIT 8/11/2008: Found this t-shirt on Threadless.com today and thought it was too karmic not to post.


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  1. jen

    You look so happy/evil with that claw!

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