Ever Take It Off Any Sweet Jumps?

I’ve been wanting a bike for a long time and, true to form, have been hunting around for the perfect vintage set of wheels. This weekend, all my riding dreams came true.

Don and Carol had a great matching pair of Schwinns in their basement just waiting for someone to love them and Zach and I turned out to be those someones. Tom brought them back for us last week and we picked them up on Saturday and spent much of the afternoon cleaning them up. We took them first to the bike shop near our house for some new tire tubes – the guy at the shop told us this style was released by Schwinn in December of 1971. Then we went home and scrubbed the rust off the wheels and Zach got the lights working. They’re these great generator-powered head and tail lights – you just flip a little bar over and the generator creates power by rubbing on the back tire while you ride.

On Sunday we took them out for a spin to Jim and Patty’s for our morning coffee. They “only” weigh about 50 pounds each thanks to those classic wheels so the slight incline to get out of our neighborhood was a killer, but don’t we look marvelous?

I’ve got a new seat and new handle grips on order and someday… a basket!


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One response to “Ever Take It Off Any Sweet Jumps?

  1. jen

    No shocks or pegs though. Napoleon wouldn’t be as impressed as he was with the sledgehammer – but I sure am!

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