So, you know how I think it’s really funny when someone adds “in the face” to stuff?

“A tire hit her.”

Not funny.

A tire hit her in the face.”

Super funny.

I just found something else that I think is really funny: the word “knifing”.

Actor arrested in knife attack
Aug. 12: An actor who played a supporting role in the movie the “40 Year Old Virgin” is arrested on suspicion of knifing his ex-girlfriend. KNSD’s Tony Shin reports.

It would not have been at all funny if they had said that he was arrested for stabbing his girlfriend, but since they said he knifed her… hilarious to me.

Alexia’s response to my comments: “It’s too bad he didn’t knife her in the face.” Ha!

P.S. The story about the actor and his girlfriend actually isn’t funny at all… I just like how they use the noun “knife” as a verb… Please no comments about how offensive I am.


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