Dyeing with Dignity

Finally! For a blog that was started with the intention of sharing frequent knitting updates, I sure haven’t talked about knitting much.

I’m in love with my group of ladies who meet every Wednesday to drink and eat and chat… oh, and to knit! We have so much fun and I really enjoy all of their stories.

A couple of weeks ago Garland invited us all to her shop in North Portland (NoPo as they call it) to paint our own yarn – a session she called Dyeing with Dignity.

Everyone laid out their yarn on some old screen doors that Garland had set up outside, chose their colors, and then painted to their hearts content. It was amazing to see all the different creations that came out of it – some people used every color they could get their hands on, some people were more conservative (me) and only picked one or two, some people made big long stripes, some people made short little stripes.

Kristen wrote a scarf pattern for everyone to try when their yarn was ready and I finished mine on Sunday. My yarn isn’t as variegated as I was hoping (you have to look pretty close to see the color changes) but I think my scarf turned out great.

A giant Paul Bunyan statue on my way to Garland’s:

My scarf:


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  1. Kristin

    Can you believe that was a year ago? I miss our Wednesdays so much! There will be a class in October on Weds. I know a few of the regulars will be there. I hope you will too!

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