Whidbey and Seattle

I am SO behind with my blogging! Zach and I were invited to celebrate the recent nuptials of Mark and Melissa at Mark’s parents’ house on Whidbey Island and so, almost three weeks ago, we made a weekend of it and spent a little time on Whidbey and a little time in Seattle catching up with each other and with friends.

On Friday we had breakfast, dropped the dogs off at with my folks, and then drove north to catch the ferry in Mukilteo. On our way we passed Cabela’s and, for a multitude of reasons that I will not get into here, we decided to stop. Can I just say that it was AMAZING?

We were both under the impression that Cabela’s was basically a larger and more glorified version of our beloved REI. It is not. Cabela’s is a hunter’s paradise. Upon entering you are faced with a three-story mountain covered in stuffed animals. No, not the cute, cuddly teddy bear kind… actual animals that have been stuffed. There were lions and tigers and bears, oh my! And, seriously, a polar bear and an elephant.

We browsed the “gun library”, the camouflage, the life-like ducks for dog training. In the end, though, we only spent $1.79 to buy a postcard for my mom and a stick of pepperoni for Zach. Had we been able to round that number up to a cool $1,000 we could have taken home this awesome grill complete with antler handles and bullet casing knobs.

After we left Cabela’s in a bit of a fright, we went straight to the ferry, settled into the house in Langley and went to dinner where we enjoyed delicious seafood and a beautiful view.

On Saturday we had breakfast at the apple restaurant – a favorite of ours – and then went to the Whidbey Island Highland Games. We didn’t get to stay for the caber toss, but we did see some throwing of some very heavy objects, we checked out lots of plaid, and we ate some kettle corn.

Saturday afternoon was the wedding reception and it was lovely. It was so nice to see everyone and Mark’s family’s house is so pretty!

Practicing the sexy moves Melissa’s aunt taught us… you can see how well it’s working:

Not one of the finer party moments:

On Sunday, after an evening of recovery at home with a pizza and a puzzle, we got back on the ferry and met Daveen, Kelly and Chase at Safeco for a glorious day of baseball. The Mariners didn’t have nearly as good a day as we did.

I think sometimes it’s easy to forget how much I miss my friends. Life moves quickly, work is hectic, there’s knitting and pilates and a lot of living to do in a new city. But spending this little bit of time with everyone made it really hard to come home again. I miss the laughing and the stories and being around people who knew me before I really knew myself and who have stuck with me through that searching process. Thank you girls for everything… I miss you and I can’t wait for Chelan!



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3 responses to “Whidbey and Seattle

  1. Jen

    I love that in your “being sexy pic” there are two dudes in the background oblivious to the hotties right next to them. I realize that one of them is Zach, but I still think it’s funny!

  2. Yes, one of them is Zach and the other is Michelle’s husband Ty. I don’t know if the fact that we each live with one of them makes it acceptable that they’re ignoring our overwhelming sexiness or if that makes it worse…

  3. aditi

    Cabelas is my acct. enjoy 🙂

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