And, I’m Down.

I’ve played Mario Kart. I’ve seen the Three Stooges. It never occurred to me that anyone who is not a cartoon character or a 1950s comedian could actually go down on a banana peel.

I’m here today to tell you that it can happen.

Now, in Mario Kart a happy little banana peel causes some slipping and sliding and maybe a race-ruining crash into the course bumpers.


But in real life they look more like this and they won’t hesitate to throw you to the ground.


I think we all know by now that I’m prone to accidents and falling down, but I’m telling you, this banana tried to kill me. Watch your step.


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One response to “And, I’m Down.

  1. Mate, it’s not smiling so of course it’s evil and tried to kill you. You should have shot a shell at it…

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