I’m Back!

Wow… I’ve been gone for a long time. It wasn’t that I didn’t think of you… I just didn’t write to tell you so. But now, here I am. And, I’ve set up some personal goals for myself so hopefully I’ll be around more often.

To start, let’s recap what I’ve been up to.

After Thanksgiving my mom and I got together for a craft day and made our own Christmas cards. You probably didn’t receive one… don’t be hurt. I never got around to writing in them and putting them in the mail. Maybe you’ll get one next year.



I did some knitting for Kristen – a new scarflette for her friend. The yarn was beautiful – candy apple red and a really pretty lime green. I discovered the Button Emporium downtown too, so the buttons were fab!



And after that it was full on winter… Portland had its biggest snow storm since the 60’s… or at least, I think that’s what they said. I got some amazing photos that I’ll post as an album in the next entry… but here’s a preview.

Remember my fall decorations?


How about all my summer plantings?






Finally it was Christmas! Zach did a great job decorating the house with tons of lights and we had a beautiful tree this year. And, Daveen gave us the perfect tree skirt. I LOVE it!





We had one little incident that served as a good reminder that Pete’s still a puppy. But after a minor freak out on my part and some time in the kennel on his part he never went near the tree again.



For Christmas I made Kelly a new hat. She mentioned while she was down here in December that she loved hats and having new hats, so I thought maybe she’d like something hand made. I tried out a new pattern for a slouchy berret that I found of Ravelry. I love how it turned out! The colors were so soft and pretty and the pattern made on the top by the alternating cables and the decreases turned out really nice!


I’m happy to be back to blogging… more soon!


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One response to “I’m Back!

  1. kb

    Wow – welcome back. I almost gave up on you!!! 🙂

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