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View From the Top

Who loves having front row seats to the show on Ainsworth?

Gibson does!

Gibson View


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Dog Days of Summer

We’ve had some really hot days this summer in Portland and to battle the heat Zach and I have been taking advantage of our central air system. But we don’t want to waste all the sun inside so we’ve also been spending lots of time in our backyard. The dogs, with all their dark hair, love to be out there with us, but start drooping after just a few minutes so a couple of weeks ago Zach invested in a kiddie pool. They love it! Gibson “dives” for rocks and Pete mimics as best he can without actually putting his face in the water. Pete’s favorite part is being toweled off and sometimes he’s tries to do it himself. It’s fun for the whole family!

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Introducing: Pete

Ever since we thought we had adopted Cash, Zach has been talking about bringing a second dog into our family. This weekend we went out to a few shelters “just to look”. I should have known that two animal lovers could not possibly go out “looking” without bringing someone home.

The first shelter we went to – the Oregon Humane Society – had so many dogs! It broke my heart to walk through there and see all of their sad eyes begging for you to love them and I ended up crying in the car after we left. It’s amazing to me that someone could have a pet as part of their family for years – some of the dogs were eight or nine or more – and then just decide that they don’t fit into their lifestyle anymore. The people move into an apartment that doesn’t take pets, or they move across the country and don’t want to deal with transporting a dog, or they just tire of the time and care that an animal requires. The animal doesn’t understand why they’re suddenly ripped from their home and family and put into a small, windowless cage where they can smell and hear other animals, but can’t see them or play with them. They all just looked so sad and lonely and confused. We saw a girl there that we discussed for a while, but Zach and I had set some very serious criteria for the kind of companion we wanted for Gibson and in the end she did not fit everything on the list. It was hard to leave her and the other dogs. I think if I had my way I would just take them all and stay home all day making sure they each got enough love and attention and play time.

The second shelter we went to was Multnomah County Animal Control. They had far fewer dogs and most of them were puppies. Again we seriously discussed a couple of options – two male pit bull puppies who couldn’t have been more than eight or nine weeks old, and a female shepherd mix who was probably about six months. But again, they just didn’t meet all of the criteria we had laid out and we had to leave them.

Finally we ended up at an adoption event put on by Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals in Beaverton. OFoSA is an all-volunteer organization that saves endangered animals from local shelters and houses them in foster homes until they are adopted. Because they do not have an actual facility and only operate out of volunteer foster homes, OFoSA hosts adoption events every weekend. This is where we found Pete. We knew as soon as we walked in that we were in trouble. He is a small three-month old puppy who is black, but has the same white chest stripe as Gibson. The people at OFoSA say he’s a collie/lab mix who will only be about 30 pounds. We walked him around the store and sat and talked about it for a very long time. I’m not sure right now was exactly the right time for us to be making another household change, but Pete meets every criteria that we had laid out and Zach was already in love… again. I think he will be a good addition and we’re happy to have him.

We introduced the dogs at the park near our house and then brought them home to romp in the backyard for a while. Pete is a little bit intimidated by Gibson and for now we think that’s a good thing. Pete got a bath this morning and they both have vet appointments tomorrow. Gibson isn’t the best at sharing so far, but he spent about two hours cleaning Pete’s ears last night and I think in time they will be good friends. It will be nice for Gibson to have a companion during the long days at home while Zach goes through his busy season again next fall. We’re hoping the separation anxiety and nervousness that Gibson displays will be lessened by the distraction of Pete’s company.

Here are some pictures to get you by until you come to meet him. (My folks are coming tonight and we have high hopes that they will immediately fall in love and be okay with taking on two dogs for sitting when we’re out of town!)

Pete Day One

Pete Day One

Gibson and Pete Day One

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Weekend Update

Good afternoon, I’m Sarah Jones and you’re not. (Does anyone get that shout out?)

This weekend was both eventful and lazy…

On Saturday Zach planned the introduction at my parents house for Gibson and Cash. We all had high hopes after Zach had seen a very nice side of Cash over the last few days, but it was not to be. I don’t know if Cash had gotten used to having Zach all to himself and felt defensive, or if he had already learned so many aggressive behaviors in his young life, but he went for the throat. As attached as I think Zach and I had gotten to the idea of a puppy, we just can’t take a chance like that. Zach found a rescue in Portland that said they would place Cash in a single-pet home and that he would be able to have a very happy family life. I think this experience has been really eye-opening about the problem of dog fighting… it’s not just for Michael Vick anymore. I think once I get settled in Portland I may look into attending some of the bull terrier advocacy rallies in support of the breed.

On Sunday I had breakfast with Gwen and Eric at Mae’s Phinney Ridge Cafe… yum! I’m going to miss that place and their delicious potato omelets with all that garlic. And then I served my last day at PAWS. It was a sad afternoon for me – I’ve been very proud to be a part of the work that PAWS does for animals in our community and I will miss the cats and the humans that I see there every week.

I did some packing this weekend, but to be honest I’m just not that into it. I was quite proud that I went through all of my clothes on Saturday morning and have more than four bags to give away, but now I have the dilemma of where to take everything. The simple answer would be to drop it at the Goodwill truck that parks across the street from my house every Saturday and Sunday, but I’m having massive anxiety about giving away that many clothes. I’d love to have the money and may pack them all down to Portland to sell at Buffalo Exchange once I get settled, but that too is causing anxiety – what if they laugh at me for the junk I’m bringing in? Can I handle it? On the bright side, I’ve got all of my books packed, my cds (which didn’t even get unpacked in the first place so I guess that doesn’t count as progress), my bathroom cabinet, my glass casseroles and a couple of other kitchen things that don’t get used very often, and all of my pictures. What a sad state my apartment looks. After packing the pictures last night I got a bit depressed and watched Pride & Prejudice for the second time in one weekend and worked on my knitting. (PS… I decided this weekend that when I get married I want the piano solo from P&P to be my entrance music… so pretty and romantic!)

So, with all this time for knitting on Sunday evening I finished my second Scarfy Thing for Etsy. I went again to Nancy’s Sewing Basket after my shift at PAWS and got some beautiful wood buttons that I think made all the difference on this scarf! I decided to use the “right side” out and I think it turned out great. I also made the scarf a little bit longer and put the buttons on diagonally so that it hangs down just a bit… so cute with a tank top! I was actually considering keeping this one for myself, but I really need to get an assortment of stuff together so I can made a good showing on Etsy. Very excited about this one!

Etsy Scarf 1

Etsy Scarf 2

That’s all for now. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. (Shout out? Anyone?)


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Far From Folsom Prison, That’s Where I Want to Stay.

I believe that every relationship has a series of defining moments – occurrences that either determine or reinforce the roles we each play in each others’ lives. Yesterday, I had two such moments.

The first began when Zach called from Sacramento. He had been driving through a sketchy part of town after seeing one his accounts, and while stopped for gas and maybe a car wash he spotted a dog running through streets, dodging cars. Being the good samaritan that he is he called the dog over, scooped him up and put him in his car. There was much discussion with the gas station attendants and some knocking on neighborhood doors before he determined that the owner was not to be found (even if he had found them, the local scene didn’t look like a good prospect for a dog) and called me. I found a nearby vet online and he took the dog to have them scan for a chip. The vet told him there was no chip and that what Zach had found was a three-month old Blue Tip Bull Terrier. He’s not neutered, but he appears healthy (puppy belly and breath and all) with one exception – his ears had been docked at home probably with a pair of scissors. Without a chip the vet would not keep him and they said the local SPCA would not accept strays. With dog fighting and pit bull breading rampant in Sacramento they also said that the county shelter would probably destroy the dog immediately. So, what to do?

Despite already having a neurotic dog at home, Zach’s very busy travel schedule for the first three months of the year, my move next weekend and soon starting a new job, we decided to bring the dog home. We’ll introduce him to Gibson and then determine whether to keep him or to take him to a bull terrier rescue that we found in the Portland area. This could be a lot of work, but I love the fact that Zach stopped to pick up this dog and I love the fact that I have become much more relaxed and I especially love the fact that we’re both weird about animals. Whether this dog finds a safe and happy home with us or through the rescue agency, we have ensured that he will find one. I feel very good about this.

Zach went yesterday and bought the dog a collar and a harness and a crate so that he can cart him around California and Oregon on his way back home this week. He gave him a bath and we’ve named him – Zach found the puppy on Folsom Blvd so, in honor of Johnny, we’ve named the puppy Cash. (Yes, I know… once we named him the odds of us keeping him shot up to about 95%, but it was such a perfect fit that we couldn’t help ourselves!)

My second defining moment came much later in the day when I called Kristen to relay my drama-ridden story and to have her marvel at Zach’s an my good deed and our maturing relationship. She listened very patiently and laughed at all the right places. Then she told me about her day – someone from the Department of Defense had contacted her early in the morning after reading one of her presentations online. They’d like her to come speak to the team. Yes, that’s right, while I’m “saving the world, one dog at a time”, Kristen is actually helping to save the world by enlightening the US Department of Defense with her extensive emergency management knowledge. This has been the epitome of my relationship with Kristen since probably the day we met. She is my Information Specialist, my personal Google… and I am the princess of drama.

Zach says he’s “becoming quite fond of” Cash. I haven’t met Cash yet, but here are some pictures so you can begin to be fond of him too. Sorry they’re so small… they came through text messages on my phone.

Cash 2 Cash 3 Cash 5

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