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If the Shoe Fits

Last weekend Zach’s sister Nathalie and her husband Bil and daughter Josie came to town to have a look around and do a bit of work. On Saturday we had the most delicious dinner at Autentica on Killingsworth. Black bean flat bread and salsa, queso fundido, tomato salad with avocado and cotija, and pulled pork tostadas. It could possibly have been that we were in the middle of the move and the only other things I’d eaten all week were bagels and pizza, but I think it was actually just amazing food.

On Sunday we took Josie over to our new neighborhood park where she went down every slide available, played on the merry-go-round, swung in both the “baby” and “big girl” swings, and generally ran amok.

And on Monday it was my turn to hang with Josie – just the ladies – while mommy and daddy went to a work meeting. We napped, jumped on the bed, got ourselves dressed, played with Pete and Gibson, went to New Seasons and made dinner. She even requested extra kisses from Sarah before bedtime. Good times had by all, I think!



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Stuffed Jalapenos

Recently I did some experimental cooking – wheat-free stuffed jalapenos! I sliced each pepper in half, stuffed them with a mixture of herbed chevre and shredded sheep cheese, and rolled them in a mixture of Fiber One (I know, I know… there’s a little wheat in there… just pretend you didn’t know that) and Corn Flakes.

They were a little sweeter than normal fried jalapenos and not as spicy as I would have liked them to be, but I’ll definitely make them again.



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I’m Neurotic

Or maybe, if you know and love me, you’d just call it quirky. Semantics aside, I know this about myself. Over the last year or two I would even say that I’ve come to embrace this about myself. But today when several people from my new office went out to lunch together I had to grapple with a tough decision – how much of this do I show to these people whom I hope will respect me professionally and personally?

Now, I’ve eaten out with someone from work every day this week without incident – Monday was sandwiches, Tuesday was salads, Wednesday was Italian. The problem arose today when I was invited out for… sushi.

How do you explain all of the following food-related “rules” to someone who doesn’t know you?

  • No fish – except for sometimes white fish if it’s cooked correctly, crab if it’s mixed into something else like artichoke dip, or scallops.
  • No meat that looks like the animal it used to be, especially if it’s still on the bone – no ribs, no wings, no roasted chickens, no pork chops, no meat that’s “undercooked”.
  • Vegetables are complicated:
    • Cooked broccoli, yes. Raw broccoli, no.
    • Cooked carrots, no. Raw carrots, yes.
    • Cooked bell peppers, yes. Raw bell peppers, no.
    • Celery, no. 
    • Brussel sprouts, no.
    • Lettuce that has a normal looking leaf, yes. Lettuce with all those fancy lacy leaves, no. Spinach, no.
    • Black olives, yes. Any other olive, no.
    • Raw tomatoes, yes. Cooked tomatoes – unless they’re in some kind of sauce or soup and are so mushed up that they really don’t resemble solid tomatoes anymore – no. (ps, I know tomatoes are technically a fruit, but they seem to fit into this section.)
    • Cucumbers, yes. Pickles, no (I’ll nibble on one that came on the side of a sandwich sometimes, but I would never ask for just a pickle). Actually, I really don’t like anything pickled.
    • Dried vegetables, not really (i.e., sundried tomatoes). Dried fruit, yes.
  • Cheese, YES – except for any cheese that crumbles… except for feta, which is okay sometimes.
  • Breads of any kind under any circumstances, yes – except for rye… I really don’t like rye.
  • I don’t really love chocolate, which isn’t that weird, but people always act shocked… maybe because I’m a woman and women loving chocolate is a blatant stereotype that I can’t seem to get away from. I’d much prefer something savory.
  • Nuts are questionable:
    • Peanuts are okay if they’re in something, like Chinese food, or if they’re flavored somehow… like honey roasted or whatever.
    • Cashews and pistachios, yes.
    • Walnuts and pecans, no.
    • Almonds, sometimes.
  • Hot dogs from a baseball game or off a barbecue, yes. Hot dogs cooked at home in a pan or microwave, no. Sausage, bologna, pate and other mystery meat, no.
  • Lamb, no. Duck, no. Pork, sometimes.

I’m sure there are more (if you know me and can think of anything that I missed, let me know), but even with the list above there’s a lot of self-sensoring that may need to be done if I think my new coworkers aren’t ready for my neurosis…


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