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Getting Ready

As many of you know, Zach and I are taking our first real vacation at the end of this month. And this week I took my first steps toward getting ready (semi-successful Alli diet aside). These arrived on my doorstep today:


And they’re going to look fabulous with this, which also arrived today:


These don’t have a specific outfit partner, yet, but they arrived too and they’re SO cute!


Starting to get excited! Even if I’m sea-sick the whole time, at least I know I’ll look good!


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Dog Days of Summer

We’ve had some really hot days this summer in Portland and to battle the heat Zach and I have been taking advantage of our central air system. But we don’t want to waste all the sun inside so we’ve also been spending lots of time in our backyard. The dogs, with all their dark hair, love to be out there with us, but start drooping after just a few minutes so a couple of weeks ago Zach invested in a kiddie pool. They love it! Gibson “dives” for rocks and Pete mimics as best he can without actually putting his face in the water. Pete’s favorite part is being toweled off and sometimes he’s tries to do it himself. It’s fun for the whole family!

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